Mid Pacific Testing & Inspection

              Assuring Superior Quality

Our Philosphy

Mid Pacific’s mission statement is simple, “Assure Superior Quality”. Every process and method we develop, every accreditation we attain, all the internal auditing we do is based on that statement.

Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations and the only way we are able to consistently to do that is by understanding our clients’ needs, all the project intricacies, put the right assets in place and make sure our communication is the best it can be.

We understand the importance, big or small, of every project; therefore, it is imperative that we get it right the first time. To that end, we tend to look at every project through a risk lens. We like to say that “risk comes in two flavors arising out of one failure.” There’s the risk to human life and the cost to repair the failed system; both are critical to the success of any project.

Therefore, utilizing our comprehensive approach to QA, QC, Testing and Inspection, we help our clients minimize the threat to life safety issues as well as help curtail cost overruns due to expensive reconstruction and repairs.

Without this comprehensive approach, it is difficult to understand and service the client properly and thus exceed their expectations—that’s what makes us different than our competitors.

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